Judgements Set a Side

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Ask Nigel...

Ask Nigel...

Have you got a Judgement registered against you? If so do you want it set aside? What can we do for you?

We will find out whether you knew if you had been sued or not and if you know why you got the judgement against you.

Many people are sued and get a judgement against them and do not know they have a judgement. (Have a look at the article in the Daily Mail dated 11/9/16) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3784457/Huge-rise-debt-judgements-against-families.html?ito=email_share_article-top

If you act quickly and you have a Defence then an application can be made to set the judgement set aside.

This is what the rules say” Cases where the court may set aside or vary judgment entered under Part 12


  • (1) In any other case, the court may set aside(GL) or vary a judgment entered under Part 12 if –
  • (a) the defendant has a real prospect of successfully defending the claim; or
  • (b) it appears to the court that there is some other good reason why –
  • (i) the judgment should be set aside or varied; or
  • (ii) the defendant should be allowed to defend the claim.
  • If the stat demand follows a county court judgment, they can apply for a Third Party Debt Order and freeze your bank account until the debt is paid.
  • (2) In considering whether to set aside(GL) or vary a judgment entered under Part 12, the matters to which the court must have regard include whether the person seeking to set aside the judgment made an application to do so promptly.
  • (Rule 3.1(3) provides that the court may attach conditions when it makes an order)
  • (Article 19(4) of the Service Regulation (which has the same meaning as in rule 6.31(e)) applies to applications to appeal a judgment in default when the time limit for appealing has expired.)”

If you have a judgement and have paid it we can have the entry removed.

Why is it important to get the judgement set aside or removed?

Because it ruins your credit history.